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Let the summer vacations begin! You’ve taken time off work, booked the flight, packed you bags – including cameras – and you’re ready to go. Now to prepare for the travel photographs you just can’t wait to snap! We’ve got you covered; with these tips you’ll take totally frame-worthy travel photos to frame when you’re done adventuring!

Scout your location.

Before you go, do some research to find the best spots to take pictures! Scour guide books, the internet, and social media. If you know someone who has already been there, pick their brain for the best sights.

Scouting out spots before you go can save time and maximize your trip. But, also don’t be afraid to get lost and wander around. Sometimes, this is the best way to find beautiful nooks and crannies off the beaten path.

Talk to people.

Once you get there, be outgoing and talk to people. Hit tourist information offices and talk to locals who know the place like the back of their hand. Insider information is helpful to find little-known locations that make for totally frame-worthy shots!

While you’re talking to people, snap some portraits. Take pictures of people in their culture, but be sure to ask politely first.

Be prepared.

Remember to always have a camera with you and to pack chargers and extra batteries. You wouldn’t want the perfect moment to slip away because you left your camera in the hotel or you forgot to charge the battery. Always be ready to snap!

At the same time, it is also important to remember to put the camera down sometimes to experience your vacation without the lens.

Be Different.

The key to interesting travel photos is to be different. Don’t only shoot the same images you’ve seen in your research. Get creative and try a different angle, distance, or lighting. Consider finding reflections or shadows.

Step away from the tour group by waking up early or staying out late. If the group is shooting pictures from one side, try snapping pictures from the other.

Focus on the details too.

Your first instinct may be to fit the entire subject in the photo, which isn’t a bad thing. Big picture, wide angle images are great to show an entire scene or demonstrate scale. Also consider getting up closer and filling the frame to show the intricacies of your subject.

But most importantly…

Have fun and enjoy the trip! Take in the moment and appreciate your time away and out of the office. Those travel pictures you snap will help you remember your vacation forever, but nothing is better than actually experiencing your trip!

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