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Man’s best friend. Mom and dad’s favorite kid. Your little kibble-nibbler. Let’s face it: we dog lovers have a special place in our hearts for our fur babies. And, as much as we love fawning over our four-legged fidos, we also love showing them off to all our friends and family.

Of course, taking a photo of your pup can be a real challenge. Let’s just say that your doggie may not always be cooperative when it comes time for the photoshoot. That doesn’t mean you can’t capture your canine in all his or her glory.

Here are some tips that will help you take some truly precious photos of your pup that’ll make everyone say “Bow-WOW!”

Set the Scene

While candids can be fun, you can never be sure if you’ll get a good shot. To give yourself the best opportunity, try to set up a scene.

You don’t have to do anything complicated; a simple piece of fabric or bedsheet can make a good background, and colorful settings provide contrast, helping your pupster stand out.

Also, remember to capture special events! Birthdays, trips, doggie parties, and the like make for awesome photo ops.

Everybody Just Relax

If your dog is all wound up when you’re trying to take a photo, you’re gonna have a hard time. Your goal: make your furry friend as relaxed as possible. If you can, save the photoshoot for after a long walk, trip to the park, or busy day. Your pupper will be, like, super chill and much better behaved, dude.

You’ll also want to make sure the area is calm and comfortable. Try to avoid shooting in any overly stimulating or loud places, and go without the flash.

Your Attention, Please

Dogs are notoriously bad at saying “Cheese!” If you want your doggo to look at the camera, calmly say her or his name, wave a toy, or use treats to direct their gaze. If you can’t hold a toy or treat and the camera, ask someone to give you a paw – uhh – hand. Just be sure your pup gets the treat when you’re done!

Let’s See That Smile

A doggie grin is adorable, so try to get them showing off a little smile. Play with your pooch for a few minutes to get them in a happy mood. Just be careful not to get them too excited. You want Fido smiling, not bouncing off the walls.

Remember to also take a good amount of photos. It’ll give you the best chance to find a good smiling shot.

Get on All Fours

We spend all day towering over our pups; don’t have all your photos from this aerial view, too.

Try shooting from your pup’s eye level. Even better, get creative and test out different points of view to find your pooch’s best side.

As an added bonus, your puppy will be more comfortable if you’re on their level, making for more natural, and even cuter, photos.

BONUS PRO TIP: Mind the settings!

Dogs are fast. Dogs like to move. Dogs are fuzzy. Capturing them on film can be a challenge. Try adjusting your camera’s settings to best capture your doggie. A fast shutter speed, sports mode, and low-light settings can help you snap a crisp and beautiful photo. When you’re shooting on Instagram, fiddle with the “Lux” setting and choose a filter that really makes your pup pop on the screen!

Get Your Pup’s Perfect Pic “Fur”-amed

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a pic of your pooch that’s worth barking about in no time. Most importantly, remember to have fun! It’s the best way to capture your furry friend’s personality.

Don’t forget to get those amazing photos of your pup framed to proudly display on your walls. We’d recommend something fun and funky from, like the Aztec frame, or bold and rustic, like the Provincial style. Best of all, a custom-made, 5”x5” frame costs just $35. Woof.

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