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You have the perfect picture picked out. You’ve uploaded to, but now you have to pick a size…What size should you pick?

There are several elements to keep in mind when picking the perfectly sized frame. Do you pick a common size? A size that will crop your photo? Do you go big or small? This guide will help weigh your options.

Keep in mind wall space.

If you have a particular place for hanging this frame, consider the overall size of your frame. Measure the wall and determine the size of the space you want to fill. Select your image size, keeping in mind that the frame and mat will increase the overall size of your piece.

At FramedIt, picture frames and pricing are based on the size of the image. This means if you select a 10″ wide by 8″ high image size, a 1″ mat, and an Urbane frame (1″ frame width, found here), your overall frame size adds up to be 14″ wide by 12″ high, as shown below.

Keep in mind resolution.

In picking the perfectly sized frame, it is important to keep in mind the resolution of the image. Any given image has a set number of pixels that determines its resolution when printed at a given size. If the image is scaled up too big, it will become pixelated and blurry. To determine the resolution of your image, check out our blog, Remember Resolution: Preventing Photo Pixel Problems.

Keep in mind cropping.

Now that you’ve considered the resolution of your image, keep in mind cropping. If you want to include the full size of your image, you would want to pick its exact size, or a size that has the same ratio.

For example, if your image is 10″ wide and 8″ high (a 5:4 ratio), you would want to pick sizes with the same ratio, such as 15″ x 12″ or 20″ x 16.”

If you want a side different than the ratio or size of your image, it may require cropping your image. Say you upload your 10″ x 8″ image, but want a 10″ x 4″ frame. In this case, you will have to crop your image as shown below.

Cropping your image allows for more size options as well as unique variations of the image.

Keeping these elements in mind, get started picking your perfectly sized frame!

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