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Silhouette photos convey drama, mystery, emotion, mood, and simplicity. More simply, they make for totally post- and frame-worthy pictures!

So how do you do it?

1. Master the Lighting

The goal of a silhouette photos is to make the subject featureless, other than it’s outline, against a bright background. To do this, place the subject (the shape to be blacked out) in front of the light source. Try using a sunset or sunrise.

Be sure to turn off the flash feature on your camera.

2. Choose an Interesting Subject

Because silhouette photography removes the details of the subject, make sure the subject can be recognized by the shape alone. This opens all kinds of creativity.

Try different poses, arrangements, and compositions with your subject. For people, consider using a profile angle, rather than looking straight on, in order to show features such as the nose, mouth, and eyes.

3. Keep it Simple

Silhouettes are great to contrast dark and light, and they work best with simple, uncluttered compositions. Take out any distractions or unnecessary elements that might pull emphasis from the subject and bright background.

Well that’s almost as easy as Snap, Send, Hang! Be sure to frame your masterpieces!


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