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Let’s be honest, photo booths are fun for all ages! You might even say they are funnier the older you get. From kid’s birthday parties to wedding receptions, a DIY photo booth is sure to elevate any shindig…and capture some totally frame-worthy moments!

So you could rent one, or you could get creative and make your own! How? Well, here you’ll learn how to make the ultimate DIY photo booth!

Step 1: Make the Back Drop

Think crafty! This can be as simple as a blank color or pattern, or as intricate as a scene or theme! Start with a large sheet of fabric or paper and make it your own! Grab some paint, glitter, or if you’re feeling really crafty, try adding some sequins, streamers, or holiday lights.

Step 2: Find Some Props

A photo booth is only as good as the props! If your party has a theme, find items to match, but be silly! Funny glasses, hats, printed signs, masks, or costume items will do the trick. Chalkboards, or dry-erase boards can be fun to let your guests write their own messages.

Bonus: An empty picture frame prop can create picture-ception!

Step 3: The Equipment

Ok, there are a few options for capturing your photo booth photos. For a children’s party, you may want to designate someone to operate the camera. Otherwise, a selfie-stick or a point-and-shoot camera on a tripod with a remote shutter or timer are simple options. If you want the pictures to print immediately, investing in an instant-print camera is the way to go.

If you choose a selfie-stick, pick a hashtag for your party and have your guests post their pictures on social media for everyone to see! (Be sure to also use the hashtag #snapsendhang to show us at FramedIt your amazing photo booth masterpieces!)

Step 4: Set Up Your DIY Photo Booth

Pick a space with plenty of light and plenty of room for multiple people to fit in the shot. Hang your backdrop on a wall or invest in a support stand.

If you’re using a tripod, grab a friend to help place the camera at eye-level and far enough away for a group shot. Set up a table for your props, and plan for a long line of people waiting their turn!

Step 5: Strike a Pose!

Enjoy the moment and capture it in your fabulous photo booth! Oh, and frame those beauties!

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