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You’ve seen them everywhere, all over Pinterest and social media. You have all those pictures just sitting on your phone. You even have that empty wall at home…

Why not get creative and make your very own DIY gallery wall?!

If you’re thinking this is way too daunting, think again. Just a few simple steps and your wall will be transformed!

Step 1: Pick the Perfect Spot

Think of that one wall that needs a little something special. If you have a bunch of pictures and artwork, a bigger space might work best, or even a small gallery wall can make a big impact.

Step 2: Pick Your Masterpieces

Scroll through those pictures and pick your faves. Consider the size of your wall space and have them printed at varying sizes (and pick your perfect frames at!). To help choose the right sizes, cut out pieces of paper or cardboard to tape to the wall for a visual guide.

Also consider using art and trinkets for your gallery wall, or even children’s crafts to add texture and intrigue.

Step 3: Lay Out Your Gallery Wall

Once you have all of your masterpieces ready to go, lay out your pieces on the floor to decide on a placement before you start hammering into the wall.

You can even use the paper cutout trick again! This time, cut out paper or cardboard to the exact size of your frames and pieces and tape them to the wall to test out different gallery wall arrangements.

Step 4: Grab the Hammer

Once you’ve found the perfect arrangement, start hanging! Check out our video for how to hang your frames.

Step 5: Take in the Beauty

Ta-da! Your gallery wall is complete! Take a step back and admire your masterpiece (and make any tweaks if necessary)!

P.S. Remember to snap pictures of your gallery!

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