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About Us

When we began FramedIt, we set off to solve a longstanding problem: Shouldn’t it be easier to get awesome, custom frames for your favorite photos? As it turns out, with a skilled group of the finest craftspeople in the biz, strong connections to the best suppliers in the industry, and the will to do whatever it takes to get the job done right, it’s easy for people all over to get the frames they want.

Plot twist: We were perfectly primed and ready to deliver on all counts. Lucky us.

You see, for years, our shop in Columbus, Ohio has been kicking out stunning artwork for some of the biggest names in the retail and food service industries. You may have even seen our work hanging on the walls of your favorite retail store (it’s not a humblebrag if we call it out).

So, we asked ourselves, “Selves, what if we turned all that expertise, our amazing team of 70+ framing maestros, and experience creating high-quality commercial work loose on the general public?”

The answer was simple. We could deliver incredible and affordable custom frames with the fine, made-in-America craftsmanship that would make old grandpappy proud; the kind of frames your treasured photographs deserve.

And, voila. The answer was inside us all along. Problem solved.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get framing.


craftswoman at Framed It building a custom frame
craftswoman at Framed It cleaning a custom frame

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