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We’ve all been there. We’ve all been mesmerized by the beauty of a plate at a restaurant, or we’ve all pretended to be a chef and have been abundantly proud of our masterpiece. You just have to snap pictures, right?

Let’s take your food photography to the next level with these simple tricks:

1. Use Natural Light

Color is more important than taste when it comes to food photography. So, the even neutral lighting that natural light provides is best. Artificial light tends to cast shades of yellow on your subject that alters the beauty of your plate!

You just have to be careful with shadows. While some shadows can add depth and visual interest, harsh shadows can be distracting. Ideally, you should snap those pictures under an overcast sky.

2. Use a Neutral Background

With food photography, simplicity is key. Choosing a neutral background without clutter or distracting elements maximizes the emphasis on the food.

3. Use a Little Negative Space

While there are some amazing photos of food that are close up and fill the frame, try zooming out and giving space around your dish. Negative space adds another element of simplicity and creates a more pleasing composition.

4. Use the Best Angle

Often the best angle for food photography is above because it allows you to show the entire plate. However, shooting from the side can be great to show layers and the shape of the dish. A diagonal angle lets you show both the top and the sides.

5. Arrange Items

Before snapping, arrange the dish with any other items you want to show. Adding a book or hand adds a human element and tells a story. Keep in mind, adding too much might pull focus from the food.

Now that you’ve stepped up your food photography game, be sure to frame your masterpieces!

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