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We can all think of that time when we found a view that took our breath away. Don’t you wish you could have a picture (framed) that would capture the beauty?

Take your landscape photography to the next level with these tips.

1. Keep the camera completely still.
In order to capture all the detail, be sure not to blur the shot by moving the camera. Try using a tripod, or propping up the camera.

2. Snap during the Golden Hour.
The warm glow of the sky in the hour just before sunrise and after sunset is ideal. It is even lighting that still illuminates the details of the scene.

3. Consider the composition.
Take time to take the picture. Make sure the horizon line is straight. Pick an interesting composition, considering the placement of subjects. Look for a focal point and try to place it according to the Rule of Thirds.

4. Add interest.
Look for interesting elements that will add visual intrigue. Look for leading lines such as paths, that will engage the viewer by following. Check for fun patterns or reflections. Consider adding a person to show scale and perspective, emphasizing the grandeur of the scene.

And of course…

Have fun and remember to frame your masterpieces!

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