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You don’t have to be a professional, or even have the most expensive camera to be a great photographer and take stunning photos to cherish, share, and, of course, frame.

So, whether you have a fancy digital camera or your phone, you can snap totally frame-worthy pictures with these simple tricks!

1. Always have your camera ready.

You can’t snap those beautiful moments if you don’t have your camera, or if you aren’t on your toes ready. Now this is a balancing act: Be sure to be present and enjoy the moment while taking enough time to capture it with your camera.

2. Take a lot of pictures.

Always take more than one picture. It’s better to be able to choose the best one out of a group to post and frame. Plus, the more pictures you take, the more opportunities to learn and try new angles and compositions.

3. Find the right lighting.

Good lighting can elevate any picture to totally frame-worthy in a snap! Try moving your subject into the natural light, and shooting during the Golden Hours before sunrise and sunset. Check out our post on lighting for more specifics!

4. Use the Rule of Thirds.

Simply break your shot into three equal sections down and across, and place your subject where the lines cross. This is a basic trick that photographers call the Rule of Thirds. Placing the subject of the image on a third, rather than in the center of the frame, gives a more visually intriguing result (See the image above).

5. Negative space is a positive.

Negative space is the area around and between subjects in your photo, such as expanses of sky, water, or a wall. By allowing a lot of empty space, the subject can stand out and even seem more dramatic.

6. Play with perspectives.

We live our lives at eye-level, and while great pictures can be taken at eye-level, why not think outside the box? Snap from the ground looking up or from above, and discover unique and unexpected ways to see the world!

7. Get symmetrical.

Symmetry is visually pleasing. Snapping a photo that is balanced and has symmetrical elements creates a sense of harmony you will want to put in a frame.

8. Try to find leading lines.

Keep an eye out for leading lines. A bit tougher to spot, leading lines are lines within the image that draw the eye toward a certain part of the image. For example, a pier that leads back to the moon. Leading lines are visually interesting, naturally emphasizing the main subject of the image.

9. Get creative.

Totally frame-worthy pictures can be anything! Look for fun patterns, and interesting shadows. Find reflections in the puddles after a rainy day. Get creative!

10. Have fun.

Most importantly, totally frame-worthy pictures are pictures you had fun taking. There’s no right or wrong, just start snapping pictures you’ll cherish forever!


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